Bethany Lowe 48 Inch Goose Feather Christmas Tree in Block Base

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green feather tree in block base, buy 48 ft vintage style feather tree by Bethany Lowe available at Shelley B Home and

Bethany Lowe 48 inch Goose Feather Christmas Tree with Block Base. Vintage style Christmas tree with red pip berry tips. A large 4 ft tree that creates a beautiful display for your vintage ornaments and garland.  Bethany Lowes vintage reproduction Christmas trees are made from hand-dyed goose feathers. This 48 inch green feather tree rests in a wood block base with a vintage garland print. Fill this feather tree with your own collection of vintage reproduction Christmas ornaments like mercury balls, putz houses, bead garlands, bottle brush tree ornaments, vintage santas and snowmen. We even offer strings of vintage style electric lights with glass covers, which will create a soft light to decorate your feather tree. Shelley B Home and Holiday offers old fashioned ornaments created by folk artists like Johanna Parker, Robin Seeber, Greg Guedel, and more. Please browse our Bethany Lowe category to find decorations for your feather tree.  Item: lg7297