Water Globe Lantern Nutcracker and Peppermint Santa

Water Globe Lantern Nutcracker and Peppermint Santa

Posted by Shelley on 28th Mar 2017

RAZ Imports Water Lanterns.

Lantern shaped snow globes, filled with gel and swirling glitter snow.  

A modern re design of the iconic Christma snow globe.  

This year brings 23 waterglobe lantern designs to the RAZ Christmas catalogue.  Currently Shelley B Home and Holiday plans to offer 19 water globe designs in our online store.  Designs are offered in 4 shapes and sizes

  • 11 inch x 4 inch lantern
  • NEW 11 inch x 7 inch lantern
  • 9 inch x 4 inch lantern
  • NEW 18 inch church lantern

Each waterglobe is illuminated by a battery powered light, with a 6 hour timer option.  When using the timer function,light will turn off after 6 hours and automatically relight 18 hours later.  

In this post we are featuring the Nutcracker and Peppermint Santa Water Lantern from the Peppermint Kitchen Collection.

The nutcracker and Santa are decorated with clay dough candy peppermint pieces.  There are a few other other Santa themed lanterns available but this is the only nutcracker themed lantern in the collection. Below is a video showing the swirling glitter snow in each lantern.

Order your water globe lantern at this link:

Water Lantern Nutcracker or Peppermint Santa