Christmas Close Out Ornaments & Floral Stems 150 coordinating items

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3202396 Hydrangea in flower pot clip on ornaments 5.5 inches set of 2

Assorted lot of whimsical and multicolor Christmas ornaments, decorations, ribbon and table top figures.  Ornaments are made of plastic. Many figures are made of polyester and fabric.  All items coordinate in color and design. There 6 different designs, 150 individual items.  This lot includes the following items.

  • 9x   3202396 Hydrangea Flower Pot Clip set 2, 5.5 inch, polyester & resin
  • 18x 3202498 Hydrangea Flower Pot Clip set of 2, 6.5 inch, polyester & resin
  • 5x   3222972 Ball Teardrop Kismet Glass Ornaments set 3, 6 inch
  • 22x  f3022603 Beaded Spray, 32 inch tall, acrylic
  • 14x  f3202539 Hydrangea Stem set 2, 6 inch flower, polyester & plastic
  • 31x  f3202548 Ivy and Ball Stem, 30 inch tall, polyester & plastic


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