Pastel Pip Berry and Egg Floral Stem set of 3

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pastel pip berries and eggs, pink, blue, green yellow all the soft colors of spring fill this stem.  Sold as a set of three stems.  Shop Shelley B Home and Holiday for more floral stems for year round crafting and decorating.

Spring pip berries and pastel egg shapes fill this green floral stem. You receive three (3) stems like the one stem shown in the photo.  There are small green and purple flowers on the stem too!  Branch is 24 inches tall and stems can be positioned and bent so you can find many ways to use the great spring stem in your decorating and craft projects. Add a set or two to a vase for an instant and easy Easter decoration for your home.   Great quality and great price for this set of three stems. A Shelley B favorite for Easter and Spring decorating.  item: 5f4348