Radiance Lighted Canvas with timer Pumpkin Stack

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Lighted picture of stack of three country pumpkins in folk art, primitive painting style.  A lighted prim candle tops the pumpkin stack. Item 12158 at Shelley B home and holiday.com

A primitive, folk art,  country style print of a stack of three fall pumpkins wrapped in grapevine.  The top of the pumpkin stack holds a prim candle. The flame in the candle lights up and flickers.  Measures 16 inches x 8 inches x 1 inch.  Powered by AA batteries with a 6 hour timer.  Canvas lights will light for 6 hours then shut off automatically and relight 18 hours later.  Item 12158 Lighted Pumpkin Stack with Timer by Radiance Lighted Canvas.