Shelley B Decorated Tree Bunnies and Peonies Ornament Set over 30 items

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Decorated tree with rabbits, peonies, magnolias.

Decorated tree ornament set to recreate the 5 foot tree shown in the photo.  This set includes over 30 ornaments, garlands and florals.  An original Shelley B Home and Holiday design.  Designed for summer and spring decorating, this tree will add color and warmth to your home or summer patio. Leaping rabbits, bird cage, lighted dogwoods branches, peonies, and magnolias are just some of the items included in this tree trimming set.   Shown on a 5 foot tree with a 25 inch diameter and 250 white lights.

Tree is not included in this set, but is available via email request to

To see a video of this decorated tree, please click on the product video tab below.