RAZ Holiday on Ice Decorated Christmas Tree


RAZ Imports Holiday on Ice decorated Christmas tree brings lots of red and white ornaments and a few touches of black on snowman top hats. The tree is filled with snowman designs, snowflakes and red winter berries. Below is a list of items used to create the Holiday on Ice tree shown in the photo. Links to find available items at Shelley B Home and Holiday are at the bottom of this page
  • 3210388 Snowflake Ornament set of 2
  • 3220018 Glittered Snowflake Ornament set of 3
  • 3256437 Glittered Candy Ornament set of 3
  • 3302941 Sequined Top Hat in Black Silver and Red 3
  • 303098 Glass Snowman Ornament set of 3
  • 3316424 14 inch Snowman with Bottle Brush Trees set of 2
  • 3316508 Snowman Head with Polka Dot Top Hat, Red or Black
  • 3323070 Snowman Cluster Glass Ornament
  • 3329158 15 inch Skating Snowman
  • 3329164 8 inch Skating Snowman Ornament
  • F3100088 Red Glittered Ball 14 inch Spray
  • F3100092 Red Glittered Ball 30 inch Spray
  • F3217578 White Glittered 33 inch Curly Spray
  • F3302933 Black Top Hat Green and Red Glitter 25.5 inch Spray
  • F3302934 Silver Glittered Pine with Red Ball 32 inch Spray set of 2
  • F3306783 Snowman Head 20 inch Spray set of 2
  • F3310350 Silver Red Black Swirl 27 inch Spray set of 3
  • G3216179 Red Ornament Ball 4 ft Garland
  • G3306237 White Snowball Wired 4 ft Garland