Snowy Church at Night Vintage Christmas Postcard Lighted Picture

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A lighted Christmas picture inspired by an old fashion Christmas postcard print.  A winter sky with a full moon is the backdrop for this old country church.  The church is warmly and inviting a glow with lights in all the windows.  There is a dusting of glitter and just a touch of pinks and blues in the snow, creating a softly tinted, vintage inspired art print to treasure year after year. This picture measures 16 inches x 11.5 inches x 1 inch.  The lights are powered by LED lights with AA batteries.  There is an on off timer switch on the side of the canvas.  The timer fearture will turn off the lights after 6 hours and relight them 18 hours later to repeat the cycle.  Item: x46831 Lighted Snowy Church Canvas with Timer by Radiance Lighted Canvas. UPC code: 706996468311