Stairway with Lanterns - Spring Lighted Picture

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Spring stairway with ivy and lanterns with flickering light candles.  A battery powered lighted picture with a 6 hour timer.  Shelley B Home and

Old staircase with lanterns.  The railing is decorated with green ivy and small white flowers.  The white pillar candles in the lanterns light up.  Powered by AA batteries illuminating small LED lights hidden behind the front panel.  There is an on off timer switch on the side of the canvas.  The time function will shut off after 6 hours and relight 18 hours later to repeat the cycle.

Measures 22 inches x 14.5 inches x 1 inch.

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UPC code: 706996131765

This canvas size is also available in a Christmas, Fall and Halloween design.  Find the perfect wall in your house to display this lighted canvas and then switch out to match the seasons.

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