Sunflower Basket Lighted Picture

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Canvas picture of a basket of sunflowers and candle.  LED battery powered lights cause a flickering light to appear in the candle flame. Item 12072 from the Radiance Lighted Canvas collection at Shelley B Home and

Lighted canvas print picture featuring a basket filled with large yellow sunflowers with a candle in the center of the flowers.  The flame on the candle lights up and flickers like a real candle flame.  Radiance Lighted Canvas collection offers LED AA battery powered lights in beautiful artwork prints. The lighting effect is a soft flickering light adding attention grabbing detail and warm ambience to any room.  Lighted Sunflower Basket Canvas measures 18 inches x 24 inches x 1 inch and is item 12072 from the Radiance collection available at Shelley B Home and