Miniature Garden Figures and Houses

Miniature Garden Figures and Houses

Posted by Shelley on 29th Feb 2016

What is miniature gardening.... our latest blog posts answers this question and shares great photos for inspiration. 

The Shelley B Home and Holiday family is happy to announce that this fun garden hobby is the newest addition to our online home decor, holiday decorations and gift store. When we found the colorful and creative accessories now available and saw the countless ways they allowed even the most timid gardener to create beautiful garden worlds we were all in!

The new Shelley B Home and Holiday Miniature Garden Collection will allow you to take your eye for decorating to your spring, summer and fall patio planters and flower pots.  Now you can turn your container garden into a creative conversation piece.  Cozy up your patio or porch by recreating your favorite tiny world among blooming flowers and tiny green plants. Read my blog post below for more details....   Shelley

What are miniature gardens?

Miniature gardens are tiny to scale gardens created with dwarf plants and flowers, in flower pots or beds. Figures and characters and other items are added to create tiny worlds from the gardener's imagination.

Small accessories like garden houses and doors, patio furniture, playing animals, vintage campers, tents, and canoes, sleeping fairy babies, tikki bars, gnome house doors and more are added among the plants. Small pebble walk ways and patio pads are also added to cause the eye to travel and wander through the tiny garden world.

The wide range of item themes and styles now available makes miniature gardening a great hobby for anyone to enjoy!

Miniature garden figures you can add to your mini landscapes can be fairy or gnome themed, but if woodland homes, secret garden doors and mystical creatures are not your cup of tea, our miniature gardening collection offers you many other options for playing in your flower pots and patio planters!

Many mini gardeners prefer to create tiny worlds using more everyday and main stream themes. Vintage campers, garden sheds, farms scenes, yoga frogs, dogs and rabbits, whimsical owls and much more.

Browse through just a few photos of miniature gardens and you will quickly see the fun to be had!

You can find many images on the internet, like our Miniature Gardening Pinterest board and Miniature Gardening at Shelley B Facebook page.

Take some time to enjoy our photos then use your imagination to design your own

favorite garden scene.

Is it a formal manicured garden, a fun tikki bar patio with light strings,

a beach chair in the sand at the edge of the dune grass?

Mini gardening is a growing hobby. Its an easy, fun way to express your own creativity. Working

in small scale allows so many possibilities. You can enjoy bringing your garden landscape to life, without hours of back breaking garden work.

Create a tiny oasis in a patio container to cozy up your patio this summer. Miniature gardens can

be kept close to where you entertain making them a focal point to be enjoyed by your guests. They also make thoughtful and creative gifts for friends and family.

You can now buy Miniature Gardening Figures and Fairy Gardening Figures at Shelley B Home and Holiday. We have been gathering great accessories and photos to help our customers create their own miniature gardens. Items are listing now with many more to follow.

If you have created your own miniature garden we would love to see your photos. Please email with your photos and any information you would like to share.

Miniature Garden Figures Playing Bunnies

Miniature Garden Sleeping Fairy Babies

Miniature Garden Fairy and Gnome Doors

Solar Light Garden Houses for your Miniature Garden

See our current collection and stop by often as we have many more items to share with you.

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