Thanksgiving Wreath DIY Project

Thanksgiving Wreath DIY Project

Posted by Shelley on 10th Nov 2016

We filled a 24 inch Christmas wreath with fall ribbon and stems from our online store to create this Thanksgiving wreath. This is super easy to put together and can be taken apart and decorated for Christmas.

Start with our Fall Sunflower Bouquet, sold as a set of 3.  We used 2 sets, and did not use the yellow bouquets.  The two yellow sunflower bouquets can be added to your favorite fall themed container to make a quick arrangement.  We used our two fall stems to design our Fall Tree, see the video of our fall tree at this link: SBO Fall Tree

Slide the sunflower bouquet stem into the wreath at an angle and spread the flower blooms out slightly. Start at the bottom right.  See the photo for placement details.

Fall sunflower bouquet

In between each sunflower add one walnut stem, there are four total. These are short stemmed and very light weight.

They slide into the wreath easily. See the photo for placement.

walnut floral stem

Then add  orange persimmon stems, these were kept on the outter edge and inner edge of the wreath

to add bits of fall color. There are four total. See the photo for placement.

Fall Persimmon Floral stem

It was super easy to add ribbon to this design.  There are no bows to tie.  Ribbon is added as bunches. There are 8 bunches.  Bunches consist of 12 inch lengths of our three fall themed ribbons.  Bittersweet branch ribbon, fall plaid ribbon and burlap ribbon.  The burlap ribbon is 4 inches wide and the other two ribbons are 2.5 inches wide, adding a nice contrast.  

Cut ribbon into 12 inch lengths, lay ribbon sections on top of each other and pinch center.  Attach to wreath by wrapping the center of the ribbon with one of the short wreath stems. Place the bunches evenly through out the design.  Ribbon bunches are great filler for the empty spots. Spread out each ribbon tail so you can see the different designs.  Ribbon edges are wired so you can shape and place the ribbon.

We did not use any wire to fasten the ribbon, but you can also wrap the center with floral wire  and use the wire ends to attach to the wreath. 

Bittersweet Orange Berry Ribbon

orange berry wired craft ribbon  

Fall Plaid Ribbon

Natural Burlap Ribbon

Natural Burlap wired edge craft ribbon

That's all you need to make our Fall Thanksgiving Wreath!  This project goes together quick and easy and all the elements can be removed and reused for other projects.

An SBO Fall Wreath Original.  Watch for more DIY seasonal and holiday wreath projects, posting on the Shelley B store blog soon.