Cinnamon Hearts and Cranberry Lighted Candle Picture

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Primitive country candle in a tin holder with cinnamon hearts and cranberries is featured on this Lighted Canvas by Radiance.  The word peace is faintly written at the top of the canvas and there is an evergreen branch beside the candle holder.  A simple country Christmas message, that comes to life when the LED battery powered lights are activated.  Lights will flicker and dance like real candle flame.  Powered by an on off timer switch on the side of the canvas.  The timer function powers the lights for 6 hours, then shuts off and automatically relights 18 hours later to repeat the cycle. This canvas measures 12 inches x 12 inches x 1 inches.  We offer many other design canvases in this size you can change your decor to match the season or holiday.  

Item: x46791  Lighted Cinnamon Hearts and Cranberries by Radiance Lighted Canvas.  UPC Code: 706996467918