Shelley B Snowman Head Topper Decorated Tree

Shelley B Snowman Head Topper Decorated Tree


Shelley B Home and Holiday original decorated Christmas tree.  We decorated a snowman themed tree using our lighted snowman head tree topper.  This sisal covered wire form has a hole in the bottom so it will fit easily on the top of your Christmas tree! One lighted snowflake branch set (which has three branches on one power cord) was placed in the center of the tree, two of the branches serve as snowman arms. The third lighted branch was tucked into the center of the tree and the snowflakes add additional light.  Beaded and softly glittered snowflakes in three sizes are placed down the center of the tree.

This tree is more than just a cool snowman for your home, we added winter themed ornaments to retain the look of a designer decorated tree. Large holly leaf shapes were added to fill out the tree. Winter florals like poinsettias, white glitter pine sprays, red glitter berries, and green glittered pine sprays were added to the tree.  Feature ornaments are a pair of ice skates, red cardinal birds in winter hats, and clay dough snowmen ornaments.

We have posted a video below the photo to show more details.

If you would like to recreate this design on your own tree we have assembled a Shelley B Decorated Tree Set which contains everything you see on the tree in the photo and video.  It is listed below along with the individual listings for items shown on the tree

You can find links to purchase individual items shown on the tree below.  Not all items are available individually, but are included in the ornament set package.