Flat Christmas Tree 5 ft Space Saving 18 inch Profile by RAZ Imports

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Thin profile Christmas tree with the look of a full tree!  Space saving design by RAZ Imports requires just 18 inches of depth space for this 5 foot tree.

Unique flat tree design means this tree stands just 18 inches from the wall.  Unlike a traditional Christmas tree the back of the tree is flat, not round. This space saving design allows you to decorate even the smallest space in your home or office.  Fill the tree with ornaments, florals and ribbon and from the frontits hard to tell its not a full, round tree.We also love that this thin tree requires fewer ornaments but still offers a full designer look.

Includes a beautiful garden urn base and lights.   Tree branches reach 35 inches across at the base to give the look of a full tree.  This 5 ft version has 677 tips and 140 clear UL certified lights.  Made of PVC and plastic.  Wired construction in two sections. 

Item: m3008052  UPC code 048893558048.