LED lights on wire, great for flowers and water vases!

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Underwater Floral Light Strand Strand of 36 LED warm white lights Battery pack has a switch for the following light option: On, off and timer. Waterproof - use in flower arrangement vase, in the photo above a strand of our underwater lights is wrapped around flower stems to light up the glass vase. Also can be used in your flower arrangements - just drape the thin wire through the flowers. These pretty lights will light up your artificial flower arrangements and wreaths. Use at your patio party to light up your potted flowers. Ultra thin wire string lights, approximately 9 feet long. 36 total lights on 108 inch garland with 12 inch cord to battery box. Operates on 3 AA batteries, not included. NOTE: while the light strand is waterproof, the battery pack is not. Do not submerge the battery pack in water. Built in timer: Once turned on, automatically turn off after 6 hours and light up the next day at the same time.