Radiance Lighted Canvas A Quiet Evening by Billy Jacobs

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Canvas Print by Billy Jacobs. A Quiet Evening captures the last moments of the day in a peaceful American farm setting. A Beautiful stone a white clapboard house in the foreground with a white barn and full moon in the background. A single lamp light in one window lights up and softly flickers adding to the serenity of this artwork.

  • item: 72037
  • measures 18 inches x 30 inches x 3/4 inches

LED lights hidden behind the front panel light up and flicker like real candle flame Radiance Lighted Canvas Collection: battery-operated stretched canvas that features realistic flickering light, much like you would see with actual candle light. Canvas wall art from this collection feature subjects like candles, lamps, Christmas, Halloween and Fall scenes, beach and nautical themes, Billy Jacobs country landscapes and more. Each of the Radiance Lighted Canvas items are operated by  AA batteries and, due to the small switch on the side of each canvas, they can be turned on and off without even removing them from the wall. The LED lights draw little power allowing the batteries to last for days of continuous use. An optional Switch It converter is available which will allow you to switch your Radiance Lighted Canvas from battery power to electric power.


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