Radiance Lighted Canvas w Timer Christmas Wreath on Shutter

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Lighted Canvas Christmas wreath and cardinal on shutter. Small votive candle in the center of the wreath lights up and the flame softly flickers like real candle flame. Measures 24 3/4 inches tall x 13 inches wide x 3/4 inches deep. From the flickering light Radiance Light Canvas colletion available at Shelley B Home and Holiday. This lighted wall art is powered by AA batteries and has an on/off/timer switch on the side of the canvas. When set to timer the lights stay on for 6 hours then automatically turn off for 18 hours. Cycle repeats itself automatically.

  • item: x46857

Radiance Lighted Canvas Collection: battery-operated stretched canvas that features realistic flickering light, much like you would see with actual candle light. Canvas wall art from this collection feature subjects like candles, lamps, beach bonfires, and even the Eiffel Tower. Each of the Radiance Lighted Canvas items are operated by AA batteries and, due to the small switch on the side of each canvas, they can be turned on and off without even removing them from the wall. The LED lights draw little power allowing the batteries to last for days of continuous use. Radiance Lighted Canvas Christmas wreath on shutter x46857