RAZ 20.5 Inch Fern Spray

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RAZ 20.5 inch Fern Spray F3302115 made of plastic measures 20.5 inches tall This is a great filler stem for your arrangements. Add to any arrangement to add fullness and color. artificial fern spray for floral arrangements and decorating The fern stem was used in the arrangement shown below, there are 3 fern stems shown in the photo. The vase is not available but for reference it measures 9.5 inches tall with a 4 inch opening. Also shown: 4) RAZ Cherry Blossom Branch F3322602 7) RAZ Peony Sprays F3202036 (sold as a set of 3) These items are available at Shelley B Home and Holiday while supplies last artificial peony flower, cherry blossom and fern floral arrangement decorating