Reindeer Games Decorated Tree

RAZ Reindeer Games Decorated Christmas Tree. Vintage inspired and filled with retro designs sure to bring back holiday memories. Tinsel and vintage Santa Claus and Snowman images are throughout the design. All items shown on the tree are listed below with shopping links included at the very bottom of this page.


5)  Santa Face Ornament

2)  Vintage Character Ornament set of 3

2)  Large Santa Face Cut Out Ornament

1)  Santa Cloche 5in Ornaments Set of 3

3)  Box of Vintage Glass 2in Ornaments 

4) Glass Snowman 2.5in Ornament

2) Santa & Snowman Mug Ornament Set of 2  

3) Vintage Reflector Finial 9in Ornaments Set of 2

3) White Glass Finial 9.25in Ornaments Set of 2

3) White Glass Ball and Tear Drop 6in Ornament Set of 2

4) Clip on Glass Candle 4.75in Ornament

5) Bottle Brush Tree on Red Glass 6in Ornament

4) Finial Reflector Glass Tinsel Ornament 8in

2) Reflector Glass 5.5in Ornament Set of 3 5.5in

2) White Glass w Red and Green Plaid 6.5in Ornament Set

5) Hot Air Balloon Santa 6.25 in

5) Vintage Style Glass Tree Ornament 6.5in

4) Glass Retro TV 3in

5) Elf on Ornament 5.25in

4) Christmas Time Clock 4.75in

6) Green Mercury Ball Ornament 4in

4) Green Mercury Ball Ornament 4.75in

6) Red Mercury Ball Ornament 4in

6) Red Mercury Ball Ornament 5in

6) Iced Pine and Jingle Bell Spray 34in

6) Silver Tinsel Spray

3) Ball and Tinsel Garland 5.5ft

3) Holly and Bead Garland 5 ft