RAZ Lighted Christmas Doorway Print

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RAZ Lighted Christmas Doorway Canvas Print 3311354 Christmas wall art print with lights. A Home for Christmas theme is featured in this lighted print. A house with a white picket fenced is decorated for Christmas. Lighted garland with red bows are draped on the fence and front porch posts. Lanterns holding candles light the path to the house which passes by a snowman dressed in a top hat and scarf. The front door to the house is decorated with a Christmas wreath and opened to show the family Christmas tree with presents underneath. Lights in the print light with power from a hidden battery pack. made of polyester canvas measures 16 inches x 20 inches requires 3 AA batteries corner button activated artist: Corbert Gauthier A RAZ exclusive The video at the bottom of this page shows the RAZ Lighted Canvas Collection. This canvas is shown in the video. Christmas Doorway Lighted Print