Fall Pumpkin Crafts ~ DIY Projects

Fall Pumpkin Crafts ~ DIY Projects

Posted by Shelley on 17th Aug 2018

Adding a few colorful pumpkins to your home is the easiest way to change your decor from summer to fall.  There is not a spot in your home where a grouping of pumpkins doesn't fit.  Front porch, dining room center piece, kitchen island, bathroom shelf.  If you are feeling crafty they are many ways you dress up a simple pumpkin.  Below are just a few creative ideas, photos found on Pinterest. 

Projects have been pinned to the Shelley B Home and Holiday Autumn Board , visit our Pinterest board for more details on any photo you see here. 

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Scroll down to see some creative ways to decorate our pumpkins for Fall and Thanksgiving.


Add styrofoam disc to the top of a pumpkin.  Cover with craft moss.  Hot glue florals or succulents to the top of the pumpkin.  

Shelley B Fake Succulent Collection

Add flowers and mixed stems. So pretty!   The next two photos are from

Pinterest posts with great step by step instructions. Visit our Autumn Board for details.


Show off your favorite ribbon(s).  Dress a pumpkin in a big bow!

Shelley B has a growing collection of craft ribbon for all seasons, holidays and everyday.

Shelley B Ribbon Collection

This design idea offers a simplier way to add ribbon,  try to the stem and curl the tails.

Try you hand at some simple painting projects. This Family Collection is a great idea

for a grouping of pumpkins. 

Create the letters on your computer. Use craft store transfer

paper to trace the letters onto your pumpkin.  

Add baseball stitching to a white pumpkin. Simple free hand design.

Cut pumpkins in half to create wall and door decor