Decorated Christmas Tree Night Before Christmas

Decorated Christmas Tree Night Before Christmas

Posted by Shelley on 20th Jul 2016

Night Before Christmas collection available at Shelley B Home and Holiday.Decorate a Christmas tree filled with Santa themes, glass ornaments, vintage themes and beautiful Christmas poinsettias. We br … read more

Solar Light Decorations for Garden and Patio

Posted by Shelley on 26th May 2016

Introducing new solar power garden and patio decorations!  These exciting new collections offer unique patio, porch and garden decor in many styles and themes.  Each item lights up with sola … read more
Miniature Garden Figures and Houses

Miniature Garden Figures and Houses

Posted by Shelley on 29th Feb 2016

What is miniature gardening.... our latest blog posts answers this question and shares great photos for inspiration. The Shelley B Home and Holiday family is happy to announce that this fun … read more

Winter Decorating Winter Glow Snowmen

Posted by Shelley on 7th Jan 2016

Winter decorating is an important part of the yearly decorating cycle, and often and unfortunately overlooked.  Why?  Its the season right after Christmas. We just filled homes with warm lig … read more